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Membership Cards

Membership Cards

Membership Cards and Membership Services

ACB can advise on the design and form of membership cards for all types of groups and societies such as professional bodies, trade unions, amateur and professional societies and the like. But, in addition, it can manage the whole membership service-mailing out of the cards as well as other information – subscription reminders, statements, newsletter and similar together with the management of the membership database.

Mail Handling:

As part of the services it offers ACB currently manages mail and telephone calls for a major amenity society with several thousand members. Incoming mail is scanned, recorded and forwarded via email to the relevant recipients, thus all mail is stored centrally and electronically avoiding costly mail forwarding and dispersion of mail throughout numerous trustees. Should trustees change documentation is accessible immediately and easily to anyone who needs it.    

Call forwarding:

Call forwarding, which is usually done automatically, means that calls to the officers in an organisation, particularly those of voluntary organisations can be forwarded without disclosing the home numbers of those officers and can be restricted to specific times.

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