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Smart Cards & Access Control

Smart Card & RFID Access Control Cards

Advanced Card Bureau Ltd is a specialist plastic card and smart card supplier and can supply Smart cards for many applications from travel and transit, Healthcare and Government organisations, cashless catering. There are many benefits from using smart card technology which includes secure and convenient transactions, reliable and proven technology,

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What Are RFID Cards And How Do They Work

RFID Cards (Radio Frequency Identification) is a contactless method for reading information. Our plastic ID cards are manufactured with a chip that contains all the necessary personal information. This is then transmitted wirelessly and is picked up by an RFID reader.

RFID or Contactless cards, as they are commonly known, are becoming increasingly popular for use as identification, access control and security passes.

Unlike traditional magnetic stripe or barcoded cards which need to be swiped or scanned for the card reader to be activated, contactless cards require only close proximity to the reader to complete the transaction – they are convenient, quick (and handy if you have your hands full).

We can supply your RFID cards in full-colour digital print through our factory. This method means that your design is digitally printed directly on to the plastic core of the card and protected underneath the PVC laminate overlay. If you already have your own cards then we can thermal transfer your design directly on to the blank finished card.

This method of printing allows the plastic cards to be personalised – with a name, number or in the case of identity cards with a full-colour photograph of the card holder.


Available Smart Card Range

We offer an extensive range of Smart Cards using industry leading technology from NXP Mifare®, Infineon, NTAG®, Salto and Paxton. Go Smart and elevate your brand into new markets and applications.

Contact smart cards:

  • SLE4442
  • SLE5542
  • SLE4428


Contactless Smart Cards:

  • MIFARE Ultralight®
  • MIFARE Classic® 1k / 4k
  • MIFARE® DESFire®
  • Paxton NET2
  • SALTO 1K & 4K
  • HID
  • TDSI

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