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We are still open, processing & shipping orders and responding to enquiries.

Advanced Card Bureau Ltd has been classed as an essential service providing NHS staff, Nurses, Doctors, Care Workers and Volunteers with their ID cards so they can continue to do their work.

We are hearing of a growing number of these particular workers being stopped by the police and being asked to prove that they are travelling for essential work purposes.  In these circumstances you would need to display a form of ID to prove that you fall into this criteria.

As a result of this we are prioritising all of our ID cards with a turnaround of 24 hours so that these key workers can continue doing their great work.

Due to recent speculation of fraudulent activity surrounding COVID-19, we do not have the facility to allow customers to design their own ID cards on our website.  


We would like to encourage our customers to contact us via one of the methods below.

email us at or call on 01308 426312


Photo ID Cards

Photo ID Cards in the workplace are becoming more and more common. Advanced Card Bureau Ltd is the UK's leading photo id card printing company.

Having a photo ID card is the perfect way to let others know who you are whether at the workplace, on business trips or at business functions / exhibitions.

We cannot provide any form of official "proof of age" ID cards. For info about proof of age card, please click here


Why Choose ACB Ltd To Produce Your ID Cards?

Here at ACB Ltd, We have been providing ID Cards for over 18 years now to many industry sectors all over the country, such as Schools, Colleges, Universities, The NHS, and many small to large businesses. Our printing service makes it easier for you to issue your staff with full-colour Photo ID Cards.

How It Works

The first step is to come up with a basic template for your photo ID card design. If you are unsure of what you would like then we would be happy to either send you some samples of ID cards that we have or come up with a fresh idea specifically for your card.

We can then create a PDF proof sheet of your proposed ID card for you to view and approve before we finalise ID card printing..

If you are happy with this we can then provide ID cards showing a photograph of the holder plus other relevant details. These details can also be encoded on to magnetic stripes and/or in barcode form.

  • Any quantity acceptedPhoto ID Card 450
  • 24-48 hour turnaround
  • Customised cards (logos, graphics)
  • Single or double-sided printing
  • Magnetic stripes & encoding
  • Affordable option - no capital outlay
  • Colour coding
  • Signatures and barcodes
  • Send-by-mail facility available




  • Photo ID Cards

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