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  • Magicard EN6 Black Monochrome Printer Ribbon with Overlay MA600KO

  • EN6 | MA600KO
  • £60.00

    £40.79 inc. VAT

    £33.99 exc. VAT

  • The EN6 is a Black Resin and Overcoat ribbon for imprinting black text, barcodes and images on cards with the Holocoat security feature on top. MA600KO provides a very thin overcoat which may help protect the imprinted image.  This overcoat is not a laminate, which is much thicker. Typically used for batch printing of the back of cards when customized information is not needed, or to print custom black text and/or barcodes on preprinted cards.

Original Magicard dye film is especially designed for Magicard printers to ensure crisp, high quality images and text. Tested and approved by Magicard R&D, genuine Magicard dye film offers the best performance and an extended lifespan for your printer.

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